Road Trip: Milwaukee, WI – San Diego, California

San diego.JPG This past summer I went on a road trip with my boyfriend from Wisconsin to California. It was definitely a lot of time on the road and took a decent amount of preparation and planning to make it the most enjoyable & of course affordable! On this trip I booked through homeaway which is a website similar to airbnb. It allows people to rent out their apartment, home, or second home to others that are traveling. It is great because the places almost always have a kitchen and other supplies. This is a money saver because you don’t need to go out to eat all the time and can save money  on little expenses like coffee in the morning or buying water bottles throughout the day.

I learned a lot about driving to travel:

  1. Plan your long car rides for at night. This saves money on getting a place to stay and also allows the other travelers your with to be sleeping so you can switch off
  2. Pack snacks and big jugs of water in the car. This prevents stopping all the time to get food/water, it saves money and precious time you could be out enjoying new places.
  3. PLAN YOUR TRIP OUT BEFORE HAND. I think this is really important when going on a long road trip because driving for an extended amount of time can sometimes lead to travelers becoming unhappy and unable to really take in the sights around them.
  4. Plan out places to park your vehicle prior to your trip. I LOVE the app spothero it finds you really cheap parking (like $5 a day) in major cities. Parking is a part that many forget about and it can really drain your bank account if you aren’t prepared. Most hotels in cities charge you from $30 – $70 to park your car…not worth it!!

Overall, I loved driving through the states you see so much that you would not be able to see when flying. You really get to know your fellow travelers in the car and have great conversations. The best part?! You are FREE & have no restrictions on where you can go.

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