Why Traveling Will Change Your Life

I have been traveling the world since I was a child. It has made me who I am today and influences who I will be in the future, I don’t regret a second of any adventure I have been on because they all add to my life story…

1. Having more knowledge on how other people live their life gives you a more realistic perspective on reality.
I believe there is a disconnect between what we think is happening in the world and what is actually happening. We see what happens in the news, on twitter, facebook, pictures from instagram, posts on reddit, what your parents tell you at dinner, advice from your grandparents, and all of the other sources of information that have the potential to be biased, exaggerated, or inaccurate. When you personally go to a new place and experience the culture and interact with the people, you are provided with an honest, raw perspective of reality. You can put yourself into their shoes and see other views on life. I believe having the ability to understand other ways of living that may be totally different from your own puts you at a higher intelligence level that can only be gained through experience and acceptance. The world is less scary. You may become more grateful for your own life. You are more happy. The disconnection becomes smaller. The human race becomes stronger. Life is better.

2. We need breaks from our daily lives in order to keep our sanity.
My career choice is education so I have been gifted the freedom of my summers off which I plan to use traveling as much as I can. Not everyone can take off weeks at a time because of their careers and other commitments….that is okay! Traveling to a new city just for the weekend can give you that break of joy that you needed. Plan your life with little breaths of air whenever you can to remind yourself that life is fun and we can enjoy it.

3. Memories make us happy.
We save pictures on our phones for a reason. Our parents collect hundreds of photo albums for a reason. We laugh about good times for a reason. Memories make us happy. Our lives are made up of all of these little snapshots of what we have experienced. It only makes sense that the more “good times” we give ourselves the happier we will be.

4. A gain in confidence and self empowerment.
Experiencing new places and meeting new people takes you out of your comfort zone. You are vulnerable to the world around you and forced to adapt to your surroundings. The times where I have been dropped into a new country to volunteer have been, to say the least, scary. You need to meet new people, fit in, adapt to new norms, try new food, navigate around without the touch of your smartphone’s GPS, keep yourself safe, and so many other factors that never occur in your daily life. This gives you power, it shows you that you are strong, and it teaches you to believe in yourself.

5. You only live once.
This is an obvious reason…what is holding you back from making the most out of every single second? We have been given this beautiful life, to be lived to its full potential. Make the money. Create the time. Live your life. Travel!


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