San Francisco

Where to go

San Francisco, CA….a city like no other.

How to get there

I have both flown and drove. Use Skyscanner to book your flights and spot hero to park your car.

What to see

There is truly so much to do here!

1. Spend at least one day at fisherman’s wharf. My favorite restaurant there is wipeout to go (best seafood & atmosphere).

2. If you are a vegetarian or enjoy a healthier meal go to Greens restaurant…yummy food and a great view of the ocean.

3. Spend a day renting bikes & biking over the Golden Gate Bridge… continue until you get to the town Sausalito (ritzy, cute, unique town).

4. If you want to see Alcatraz there are two options: pay a pretty steep price at any of the vendors or get up at 6am to go wait in line for half the price (this choice depends on who you are with and the time/money you have). I do recommend going whichever you choose, you learn a lot and it was super interesting!

5. Last but not least go to Pier 39 and watch the seals, they are hilarious!

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