“Let’s wander where the wifi is weak”

I’ve spent the last three days in Yosemite National Park and wanted to share how to make the most out of your visit! Here are some travel tips:

1. If you’re going to do more than one national park get the $80 year pass. If you are going to just Yosemite get the week pass for about $30.

2. While the cheapest option is to camp, I stayed in tents that were provided by the park. The tents had cots in them and one light. I loved them! There is no outlet for your phone so be prepared for that (if you need a phone for pictures of whatever buy a charger you plug into the socket where a lightbulb goes for about $3.30). There is limited service which is a great opportunity to really unplug and explore. It also gets very cold at night so bring layers of clothes to stay warm.

3. There are many wild animals! I saw a black bear on a run (kinda scary). For your safety and the bears keep all food out of your car and tent and in the bear boxes they provide for you.

4. I have provided a map above where I circled the best tents to stay in (close to bathrooms), the best dining options, and the closest shuttle stop for you to get picked up by the bus to access the rest of the village.

5. There are many hikes to choose from while visiting Yosemite. If you want a leisurely hike through beautiful woods go on the Mirror Trail. This takes you to a river and a small lake that you can swim in.

6. If you want a more difficult one, hike Upper Yosemite Falls trail. You hike to the top of the highest waterfall in North America! The average time is about 6-8 hours so have enough water and food prepared. There is a great view of the waterfall about half way up if you did not want to go the full distance.

Comment below if you recommend any other hikes in Yosemite!

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