5 ways to save money while in Switzerland

Switzerland is the most expensive country to travel to in Europe, as a Swiss man once told me when I asked if the butter was free, “It is nearly impossible to find anything for free in Switzerland miss.” Here are some tips to travel on a budget in the land of peace:

1. If staying for longer than 5 days get a Swiss Railway Pass. To get to any hikes you will need to take buses, trains, and possibly cable cars which are insanely expensive without a pass.

2. If you don’t get a Swiss Rail pass book your train tickets before hand online if traveling around Switzerland. There are supersaver tickets you can find when booking early that will definitely save you some cash.

3. Really test yourself and your strength and ditch the cable cars. Many people take the cable car to the top of the mountain and then hike down. On all of the hikes we went on we hiked up and down. This saves you $50 and you get to feel the satisfaction of making it to the top, I promise the view will be 10 times better after the climb.

4. Grocery shop!! Going out to eat is so expensive here. I can’t tell you how nice it was to come back to our warm cabin after a strenuous day of hiking and cook a homemade meal. We also packed a picnic everyday for breakfast and lunch while hiking, it was so much fun!

5. Stay at an air bnb. I recommend this all the time because they are so great! There are a bunch that are way cheaper than the hotels you’ll find right in town. Plus air bnbs normally have a kitchen for cooking and other amenities like a washer and dryer that will save you money.

No matter how much you spend every penny will be worth it. Switzerland is a magnificent, beautiful country with so much to offer and experience!

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