10 Ways to Save Money Backpacking Europe:

1. You really don’t need an international phone plan. In Europe almost every place you go will have WiFi and with iMessage and FaceTime you’ll have no problem connecting back to home. One worry we had was maps because we were doing a lot of walking and needed directions. We found though that even when not on WiFi your google maps should still pick up where you are so you can use it to get around.

2. Flix bus saved our wallets! If you want rides from country to country for under $20 it’s the way to go. If you can book in advance, be very organized, and be okay with long rides…I highly recommend!

3. If traveling with someone else, share meals! My boyfriend and I shared almost every meal for 2 months 😯 It sounds crazy but honestly think about how much food you waste when you get that huge pizza all for yourself. Get some bread for an appetizer, and share a plate of pasta! A beer will help you fill up as well! 😉

4. Walk walk walk! We did not take one taxi or Uber ever. Walking everywhere gives you a chance to explore and save quite a few Euros. When you can’t walk take the metro or a local bus system.

5. Bring a reusable water bottle. Most all restaurants will charge you for water. It might not seem like a lot but it adds up!

6. Get a travel credit card. The fees that you spend on transactions and taking money out of the atm really add up! If you have decent credit, Bank of America has a great Travel Rewards credit card you can swipe your way through Europe with and earn points for your next trip.

7. Book accommodation and transportation in advance. I know going with the flow is exciting but I have checked prices through my travels and they always go up as the date nears. Booking ahead keeps your trip costs lower and also takes away some stress while you’re there.

8. Be careful with tours. There are so many exciting tours and excursions to choose from while traveling but they are so pricey! I’d say do some research before and pick one that you really really want to do. Also make sure there isn’t a free way to see it, a lot of times you can still go without the “tour part of it.” Ask around for tips!

9. Accommodation. Hostels are usually very cheap and a great way to travel around the world. We’ve found though that when traveling with a partner air bnb is usually a better deal! We found many air bnbs in the city and split between two people were the same price as the hostels. Again, planning your travels prior to departure gives you the freedom to compare prices and find what’s best for you.

10. Make a mental decision to try your very best to be smart with your money while you travel. Also decide that you are going to enjoy yourself! Money is important and without enough of it your adventures would be limited, but don’t let money ruin a glass of wine you enjoy, a tour through an old cathedral, or a scoop of some yummy gelato. It’s all about having a good balance!

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