A Cold Day in Denver, CO

The temperatures in Denver, CO are usually splendid. It occasionally gets in the low 20s and we have our fair share of snow storms, but the sun always comes out the next day to remind us why Colorado has some of the best weather. However, once or twice a year the temp drops to negative degrees and Coloradoans don’t exactly know what to do with themselves. Here are 5 activities you can do on a cold day in Denver, CO:

1. Go to Boulder, CO which is about a 30 minute drive from downtown. Checkout Boulder University, do some shopping, and have a delicious lunch at one of the local cafes. If you want to get out in nature go to Boulder Mountain Park, even when its cloudy and cold out it’s still beautiful and mystical underneath the tall trees.

2. Spend the afternoon at Upstairs Circus in LoDo. Here you will find super cool crafts and art projects that you can make in a lively atmosphere. They have drinks and popcorn as well to warm you up.

3. Hangout at Union Station for an hour or so. Order a hot drink, bring some cards, and people watch as you sit in a beautiful building in the heart of the city. Union Station also has my favorite restaurant, Snooze which I highly recommend if you want a tasty breakfast. Be prepared for a long line though on the weekends because of how popular it is!

4. Go to 16th Street Mall and do some shopping! It is an outside mall so be prepared for that but all the stores are very close to each other so still doable on a cold day.

5. Checkout the Milk Market on the Dairy Block. Here you will find tons of great food and drinks. It gets very lively at night and sometimes local artists play their music! Stop into Blanchard Family Wines after to try a wine flight from their many, many selections.

We love the sun in Colorado but a little cold air never should stop us from enjoying the day in this wonderful state!


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