“Let’s wander where the wifi is weak”

I’ve spent the last three days in Yosemite National Park and wanted to share how to make the most out of your visit! Here are some travel tips:

1. If you’re going to do more than one national park get the $80 year pass. If you are going to just Yosemite get the week pass for about $30.

2. While the cheapest option is to camp, I stayed in tents that were provided by the park. The tents had cots in them and one light. I loved them! There is no outlet for your phone so be prepared for that (if you need a phone for pictures of whatever buy a charger you plug into the socket where a lightbulb goes for about $3.30). There is limited service which is a great opportunity to really unplug and explore. It also gets very cold at night so bring layers of clothes to stay warm.

3. There are many wild animals! I saw a black bear on a run (kinda scary). For your safety and the bears keep all food out of your car and tent and in the bear boxes they provide for you.

4. I have provided a map above where I circled the best tents to stay in (close to bathrooms), the best dining options, and the closest shuttle stop for you to get picked up by the bus to access the rest of the village.

5. There are many hikes to choose from while visiting Yosemite. If you want a leisurely hike through beautiful woods go on the Mirror Trail. This takes you to a river and a small lake that you can swim in.

6. If you want a more difficult one, hike Upper Yosemite Falls trail. You hike to the top of the highest waterfall in North America! The average time is about 6-8 hours so have enough water and food prepared. There is a great view of the waterfall about half way up if you did not want to go the full distance.

Comment below if you recommend any other hikes in Yosemite!

San Francisco

Where to go

San Francisco, CA….a city like no other.

How to get there

I have both flown and drove. Use to use Skyscanner to book your flights and spot to park your car.

What to see

There is truly so much to do here!

1. Spend at least one day at fisherman’s wharf. My favorite restaurant there is wipeout to go (best seafood & atmosphere).

2. If you are a vegetarian or enjoy a healthier meal go to Greens restaurant…yummy food and a great view of the ocean.

3. Spend a day renting bikes & biking over the Golden Gate Bridge… continue until you get to the town Sausalito (ritzy, cute, unique town).

4. If you want to see Alcatraz there are two options: pay a pretty steep price at any of the vendors or get up at 6am to go wait in line for half the price (this choice depends on who you are with and the time/money you have). I do recommend going whichever you choose, you learn a lot and it was super interesting!

5. Last but not least go to Pier 39 and watch the seals, they are hilarious!

Denver, Colorado

“Once a year go someplace you’ve never been before.”-Dalai Lama

Where to go

Denver, Colorado. While the rest of Colorado is incredible I highly recommend making a stop in Denver for at least two days, if possible, in the summer on the weekend.

How to get there

I have both flown & drove to Colorado. If you are within 10 hours of the state I suggest driving. Not only will you save money by driving but you also will be able to do a lot more while you’re there. If you are under the age of 26 driving is affordable. Colorado is very spread out so the freedom of a car is great to accomplish a lot in a short amount of time (especially if you plan on extending your trip in Colorado to other parts). If you fly I would use skyscanner to book your flight because it has the most affordable flights and you can customize your flight based on how much you want to spend.

What to see

You will want to be in the LoDo district when in Denver. It is right by 16 street which is the liveliest street with many restaurants/shopping. I usually stay in a hotel while there because most are decently priced and it is important to be right downtown while here. I use Expedia because it shows me the cheapest deals for the dates I am traveling.

I would not recommend parking your car at the hotel you are staying at. I would use Spothero, download it now…it’s my favorite app! I usually park for about $10 a night using it.

I recommend eating dinner at Larimer square. This has a nicer selection of restaurants with cute boutiques and lights connecting the buildings over the street. I also love the area around Union Station. You need to go to the restaurant Snooze!!! Best food ever and really cool vibes.

On Saturdays during the warmer months there is a farmers market by Union Station which I also highly recommend. Lots of free samples and healthy local food!

Annecy, France

“Tavel makes one modest, you see what a tiny place you occupy in the world. -Gustave Flaubert”

Where to go

Annecy, France is a town in southeastern France that sits adjacent to Lake Annecy. I would recommend staying in old town while there because of its cobblestone streets, tasteful homemade food, and picturesque canals that feed into Lake Annecy after making their way through town.

How to get there

I was on a two week trip in France when I went here and rented a car to reach this destination.. If you are traveling with others and have a valid license, driving in Europe is a pretty affordable way to get around. If not, you can fly into Geneva Airport and get to Annecy via a bus or taxi ride (it is about a 35 minute drive). I will post soon about what I recommend for transportation in Europe, so stay tuned!

What to see

I stayed in an Airbnb while there which never lets me down! (contact me to get a discount on your first purchase on Airbnb.) Spend a day or two walking around Old town. If your trip lands on a Saturday it is a must to go to the well known farmers market. I would spend at least one afternoon on Lake Annecy. The water is aqua blue and refreshing. You can rent a boat for a fair price, especially if you plan to split it with friends or family. I recommend going along the coast of the lake looking at the architecture and homes. The other side of the lake has a large area with docks for swimming!

Annecy, France is charming, quaint, and relaxing. Enjoy!

We Are One Necklaces

My greatest passion is traveling and volunteering abroad. It has changed who I am and how I perceive the world and its people. I believe in equality and acceptance for all. I believe in a life that we can all share as one. Through my work volunteering I was inspired to continue connecting with others around the world when I am not traveling. I wanted to create something that will give back to those I have worked with but also something that symbolizes my beliefs in my daily life. While I was volunteering in Tanzania, I was taught a phrase in Swahili that really stuck with me: “Tupo Pamoja”. This translates to “We are together” in English. This inspired me to create necklaces engraved with phrases in different languages around the world that symbolize unity, connecting people across the world. I decided that a portion of profits from the necklaces will be donated to ‘Global Giving’, an organization I think highly of and am excited to work with. I also have chosen to have the boxes for the necklaces made with recycled products as a more environmentally friendly option. I asked my mother (who makes jewelry through her business, Moon Tide Designs) to be a part of it. I am excited to work with her creating these necklaces, and she is excited to work with me for a cause we both believe in. The necklaces come in all different languages, all saying phrases that mean unity for all- we are one. Go to my shop page and choose the language you would like your necklace to be in.

“We are one.
Together we will see the unexpected and conquer the impossible, lifting each other to reach endless possibilities. Together our lives have acceptance, equality, love, and no boundaries. Wear this necklace to symbolize your connection to the world around you.
We are one.” -travlwhitstyle

Making your life easier….

  • There is an option of paying me with Venmo if it is easier for you (whitniebestor.)

 Here is a map that shows where people are wearing a We Are One necklace around the globe and symbolizing their connection to the world around them! Check it out!

Santa Barbara Weekend Getaway

The world is a book and those who don’t travel only read one page. -St. Augustine

Where to go: Santa Barbara, CA

Last summer my boyfriend and I went on a roadtrip to California. We are from Wisconsin, so this was quite the journey for us (you can check out my road trip page to see how we did this.) For 2 days of the trip we went to Santa Barbara and it was my favorite part of the trip. Santa Barbara is a more upscale city, with hundreds of beautiful homes and tiny, cute hotels. The scenery is second to none; with the Pacific breeze blowing in your face and mountains peaks behind your head. It is incredible. Though Santa Barbara is among the most expensive places to live; traveling there does not have to be.

How to get there

If it is possible you definitely should drive there because the flights are very expensive to the Santa Barbara airport from most places. If it is not possible to drive download the app Skyscanner and type in the dates you wish to travel and press “save” it will then send you notifications when prices have gone down so you can then book a flight at that time.

What to see

We stayed in a smaller inn, Mason Beach Inn which was a little pricy because we wanted to be right in town and by the beach. It was by far the most affordable place for the location we were at. The Inn was adorable and it had a free breakfast, pool, and hot tub.

For at least one night I recommend going and getting dinner on the pier. If you like seafood the Shell Fish Company is delicous and has a great atmosphere. You should go around sunset so you can watch the sun go down while sipping on a drink. The sun setting behind the mountains is one of my favorite memories.

I recommend going on a weekend night. There is the Santa Barbara College so all of the college kids come down to this street on the weekends and go out. There are a lot of super cool bars that you can go to and they are very lively. My boyfriend and I met some great people, played some pool, and tried some really good drinks. Our favorite bar we went to was Heroes bar and grill which had pool tables, a chill vibe, and huge barrels of peanuts that you could eat with a cold beer.

I would recommend this trip to anyone who wants a relaxing, gorgeous getaway and willing to spend a little more money. Comment below if you have been to Santa Barbara and have any suggestions or recommendations!

Voyista Travel Company

Love traveling but not the stress that goes along with planning out a trip? Voyista is a site that I have found that will take care of planning all the little details of your trip, from your first meal to your last hostel checkout. They offer more than a dozen planned-out trips including a trip that looks amazing to the islands of Greece!

I am so excited I have come across this company and wanted to share with you a little bit about how it all started…..

The Story of Voyista

The man who started and developed Voyista planned his own trip to Europe for 45 days. At the end of his trip he calculated his costs and it came out to be $2,714. How is this possible you might ask? All of the research and planning that a traveler puts into it.

“The primary goal of Voyista is to get as many young people traveling as possible. We offer affordable trips that cover all the necessities of travel –taking care of people getting from one city to the next, ensuring that they are sleeping in the best accomodation every night and offering a meal to them daily. On top of this free city walking tours and an offline maps app with comprehensive suggested itineraries are available for Voyista travelers to use. This makes it easy to explore the city and get directions to your hostel or train station, 24/7. Voyista is the result of putting hundreds of hours of research and actual travel experience together to offer young people an affordable way to see the world –with a journey that they know will be enjoyable. We’ve vetted all accommodations and have been to destinations to ensure quality. Travel is a wonderful, stress-free activity when you’re staying in top-rated hostels and not worrying about what bus or train you need to take to the next city.”

Voysita cares about its people and has a great team behind what they do. If you would like to book through one of their trips or have any questions about Voyista or traveling please feel free to contact me! You also can use my promo code WHITNIE100 on Voyista when signing up to get $100 off of your first trip!

Have you had any experiences traveling through Voyista? If so, share your stories below!

5 Tips on Packing Light for any Adventure

“I would gladly live out of a backpack if it meant I could see the world.”

Travel tip: PACK LIGHT! I think that having the least amount of luggage is a way to maximize every travel experience. You do not have luggage to carry around and because of that you have more freedom! I know that every adventure is different and sometimes it is necessary to pack more than just the essentials but for most trips here are five tips:

1. Pack neutral colors that match everything. You do not need a new outfit for everyday you can switch shirts with different pants!

2. You truly do not need 5 pairs of shoes, you need 2 at most..make sure they are comfortable!

3. Wear your largest clothing when you are traveling to and from your destination..sweatpants, sweatshirt, and large shoes. This will save room in your bag!

4. Buy small containers at Walgreens for all of your liquids. Carrying huge shampoo and lotion bottles is not a good idea.

5. Buy a fanny pack. They are back in style and are a very practical yet chic look! I go everywhere with mine…. I recommend a light waterproof one. I only put my money, passport, and my phone in it. This makes your essentials accessible, safe, & saves room in your bag! Once when I was on a kayaking trip with my boyfriend in California our kayaks flipped and we had our phones, wallets, and keys with us…Luckily they were all in my fanny pack and everything ended up safe (thank goodness!).

Whenever I travel I only bring a backpack and always have everything I need…trust me!

I will be posting packing lists for specific trips in the near future!

Why Traveling Will Change Your Life

I have been traveling the world since I was a child. It has made me who I am today and influences who I will be in the future, I don’t regret a second of any adventure I have been on because they all add to my life story…

1. Having more knowledge on how other people live their life gives you a more realistic perspective on reality.
I believe there is a disconnect between what we think is happening in the world and what is actually happening. We see what happens in the news, on twitter, facebook, pictures from instagram, posts on reddit, what your parents tell you at dinner, advice from your grandparents, and all of the other sources of information that have the potential to be biased, exaggerated, or inaccurate. When you personally go to a new place and experience the culture and interact with the people, you are provided with an honest, raw perspective of reality. You can put yourself into their shoes and see other views on life. I believe having the ability to understand other ways of living that may be totally different from your own puts you at a higher intelligence level that can only be gained through experience and acceptance. The world is less scary. You may become more grateful for your own life. You are more happy. The disconnection becomes smaller. The human race becomes stronger. Life is better.

2. We need breaks from our daily lives in order to keep our sanity.
My career choice is education so I have been gifted the freedom of my summers off which I plan to use traveling as much as I can. Not everyone can take off weeks at a time because of their careers and other commitments….that is okay! Traveling to a new city just for the weekend can give you that break of joy that you needed. Plan your life with little breaths of air whenever you can to remind yourself that life is fun and we can enjoy it.

3. Memories make us happy.
We save pictures on our phones for a reason. Our parents collect hundreds of photo albums for a reason. We laugh about good times for a reason. Memories make us happy. Our lives are made up of all of these little snapshots of what we have experienced. It only makes sense that the more “good times” we give ourselves the happier we will be.

4. A gain in confidence and self empowerment.
Experiencing new places and meeting new people takes you out of your comfort zone. You are vulnerable to the world around you and forced to adapt to your surroundings. The times where I have been dropped into a new country to volunteer have been, to say the least, scary. You need to meet new people, fit in, adapt to new norms, try new food, navigate around without the touch of your smartphone’s GPS, keep yourself safe, and so many other factors that never occur in your daily life. This gives you power, it shows you that you are strong, and it teaches you to believe in yourself.

5. You only live once.
This is an obvious reason…what is holding you back from making the most out of every single second? We have been given this beautiful life, to be lived to its full potential. Make the money. Create the time. Live your life. Travel!

Overcoming Expected Language Barriers

Everyone smiles in the same language. -Unknown

Hello world travelers, I wanted to share with you some knowledge that I have gained on the expected language barrier you might face through your travels. I will soon be graduating with a degree in ESL education so I am licensed to work with students in the classroom who are still learning English. Through my career, volunteer work, and travel experiences I have two pieces of advice I would like to share:
1. When engaging in a conversation be POSITIVE. Do not get frustrated or discouraged. Be thankful that you are gaining this worldly experience, talking to someone with all of this knowledge that you can learn from.
2. Develop the mindset that the English language is not THE language, it is YOUR language and there are many who do not speak it. Do not expect others around you to try and speak English so you can understand them. As a world traveler, YOU try to speak another language, try something new! Do some research before you go and learn a few words. I keep a journal and I write down words I learn from the community and the students I work with so I can communicate better in the future…just a thought!

Interacting with others that communicate using a differing language than my own has, at times, been difficult but it is part of the adventure. I have never learned more or been more intrigued than engaging with humans that can teach me so much about a life that I have never been exposed to. APPRECIATE every conversation that you have. The memory of that conversation will stay with you for the rest of your life, I promise.

Comment any experiences you have had with communicating with others who speak a different language than you. I would love to hear any thoughts, questions, or stories from fellow travelers!