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Sterling silver, handmade charms. Engraved with phrases in different languages that symbolize unity, connecting people across the world. Choose the language you would like your necklace to be in. A portion of all profits are being donated to Global Giving to better the world and its people. The boxes are all made from recycled products as a more environmentally friendly alternative to regular packaging.


  • If there is a language you would like your necklace to be in that is not listed here please contact me and I can accommodate! 
  • There is also the option of paying me with Venmo if it is easier for you (whitniebestor.) Please contact with me if you would like to receive your product this way and we can set up the payment and delivery offline. 

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Weight 1.50 oz
Dimensions 6 × 9 in

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Living out my dreams, traveling the world on a budget and volunteering. Sharing travel tips and information to adventurers.

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  1. Hi Whitnie

    This is Peggy Crull your Mom’s friend. I want to order a few for my drivers and friends I have in Tanzania I thinking maybe 10. all guys Can you tell me how large the disc is please and also is the chain sterling. Tell me what Global giving is ? Does the money go directly to an orphanage . Some organizations take a large portion and only part goes to the orphanage . I would not need them till I go in January so we have time. Are you making them ? Are you in France now? Love your adventure. Peggy

    • Hello! I would love to explain it all to you. I just asked my mother for your number and I can discuss it over the phone. Thanks!

  2. Hi Whitney!! I would also love a a Swahili Tupo Pamoja necklace in sterling silver. I’m not sure if I should get the 16 or 18 inch what do you usually recommend?


    Jackie 🙂

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